Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This man professes to hate Cal football and finds football in general meaningless. Some have said he advocates the entire removal of UC Berkeley to establish a hippie combine. This is the truth folks, Cal is in a lot of trouble. All of you should feel shame for not doing more to help, including myself!

He never went to Cal; he simply graduated from Berkeley High School. For those who support Cal but have never attended, that is fine. This guy though seeks the destruction of UC Berkley, he has stated as much according to others. He’s 43 and proudly notes “I have already been surviving without getting paid (economically) for the past 11 years.” When he ran for mayor last year, he called for a hunger strike against UC to “get the downtown back,” as well as protests against UC for involvement in genetically altered food. He demanded that all Berkeley buses run on vegetable oil, and was against RFID tags in Berkeley public libraries, as they apparently prevent people like him from stealing books. He’s active in the “Free Mumia Abu-Jamal” movement (insisting on the release of a convicted cop killer).

From EastBay Express:

RunningWolf was charged with misdemeanor vandalism for defacing a stop sign at Fourth Street and Bancroft Way. Police also nabbed him back in December 2005 for allegedly spray-painting other stop signs, a transgression the district attorney's office says violated the terms of RunningWolf's probation. That's right, probation. The 43-year-old candidate was on probation for a 2003 misdemeanour conviction.

According to court documents and police reports, RunningWolf's December run-in with the cops went down like this: A witness driving westbound spotted a guy with a ponytail and a red bandanna spraying the word "driving" on a stop sign at Bancroft and West. The witness called the cops; while waiting for them to come, the witness watched the ponytail guy tag another stop sign. When two officers later confronted RunningWolf, he was "immediately hostile to us, saying we were racially profiling him, that he had been stopped before and harassed," the police report says. "He stated several times he was an 'Indian Warrior' and would 'put a foot in our ass.'" He also denied defacing the signs, even though police spotted a stencil that said "DRIVING" sticking out of his courier bag, and found a can of white spray paint in the bag.

A few weeks later, another cop on patrol spotted RunningWolf kneeling near a stop sign on Fourth Street putting a "DRIVING" stencil in his bag. If that wasn't incriminating enough, the sign was freshly spray-painted and RunningWolf had white paint on his fingers.

We can thank Cal Football news for that nice article! If we could get the real names of the other tree sitters we could run background checks on them. If they have, as I suspect, commited numerous felonies, we can change the tide of battle!

It is amazing that one deranged and domineering individual can hold so much power over the masses. This is what the world is coming to, one day only the fanatics will rule. You can all thank yourselves for this sad fact… By not coming together to challenge people like Running Wolfe, you effectively tell them, “go ahead, go ahead and rule me, rule my mind. Make all the vital decisions based on your disturbed whims.”

I for one look forward to some of us being brave enough to tell Running Wolfe that we are our own people, and we will do what we feel is right, and not what you tell us is!

Open your minds people, this project is as environmentally sound as any plan could ever be. Yet still, people like Running Wolfe hold supreme power, for in Running Wolfe’s sick world, he is the “decider.” Funny, didn’t George Bush say that too? Running Wolfe is no better than Jim Jones!



Berkeley sucks said...

Berkeley. Tragedy, farce, and comedy, all done up with the nice aroma of patchouli and days-old trash.

Is anyone truly surprised by this? I mean, really?

If there is one thing the EnviroKooks are quite adept at, it is judge shopping. It looks to me like they got themselves a good one, who will probably have the ability and the authority to keep this training center project bollixed up for the long term.

The university has no choice but to appeal, and to do so vigorously.

If taken at its logical conclusion, this decision bodes very badly for any kind of retrofit project on The Crack House. This project was stopped merely because it was adjacent to the Hayward Fault - IOW, pretty much the entire Kal campus will fit under that criterion (the trees involved were planted after the stadium was constructed, and are a side issue, IMHO).

The NIMBY phenomenon has been pressed and formed by the Berkeley folks into BANANA - “build absolutely nothing, anywhere near anything.”

If it turns out the Rai-Duhs decide to bunk in with the 49ers in Santa Clara, perhaps Kal could get a decent rental rate at the Mausoleum.

Anonymous said...

1) Take one cordless drill and make long and wide diameter hole in the tree trunk, preferably pointing down at 45 degrees. Fill hole with salt; Plug hole with bark, mud or anything else to hand.


2) Purchase 1lb of Sodium Chlorate and mix with sugar. Bury that near the tree and watch the sucker die.


3) Spray the leaves with high concentration of urea/nitrogen (fertilizer) on a sunny day. Nitrogen will burn it.

4) To kill a tree without removing it you can just girdle it: remove the bark in a band all the way around the trunk. It could possibly survive if the cambium manages to stay alive, so you may want to scrub/scrape the band after you remove the bark.

I HATE CAL! said...

Your blog is a piece of crap just like the UC. You want to kill everything that is alive and you are an idiot. We have smart people behind us who will not stand for these injustices. We will stop you, we will stop you forever!

Seth said...

Ah, ok, whatever. I would argue with you but it is pointless. Why don't you put your name on your comments next time please...