Thursday, November 24, 2005



Hello my friends, today is Thanksgiving. It is so sad that we never have a serious college football game on this day, why not? What if the Big Game where on Thanksgiving, wouldn’t that be great? I mean that would be a chance to really take time off and watch a real game that made all of us happy. Levy's rise to prominence has been a rocky one and I am just so glad that he is finally getting a shot to show what he has. Even if Ayoob is better physically, the edge goes to the mental aspect which Levy commands.

JOE AYOOB – Happy Thanksgiving, I wish that things has gone differently this season, I hope though that you don’t somehow hold me accountable for your bad performances. Surely someone of your mental caliber knows that a little idiot like me spouting off at the mouth is not the culprit here. It was your inability to overcome the mental deficiencies that plague you. In the off season you may find a way to not think about the little things and just do them, like plant your feet for one.

Ok, must now take customary post meal-nap. I will write more later, in perhaps say two hours…

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Battles That Must Be Fought

I was disturbed today to see a posting in another California Golden Bear Blog that we bloggers had some how collectively harmed Cal's recruiting capacities with our adverse Ayoob posts. This type of naive thinking makes one look pretty stupid doesn't it?

Anyway, I thought that I would express my sentiments on such a ridiculous notion as the one this indigent gentleman explored. Were he a man of merit and conviction I might venture a guess that he will visit us here, though everything points to the opposite, this man is a coward and a liar. How pathetic...

I will have more to say on the ongoing recruting battles. They do appear to be going rather slow to date.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The REALISTIC Future of the Golden Bear in CALIFORNIA

Well, while this season may have been a bit disappointing overall we can draw a lot from this for future reference. Perhaps if Coach Tedford had listened earlier on in the season our record would read differently, unfortunately he did not.

Whatever the future might hold one thing is more clear now than ever before, the Bears are in need of a long term solution at QB. The instability and the vacuum in competency and skill level that was created when Nate Longshore went down with the ankle injury has been glaring all season.

I am sure that next season many of the difficulties that we faced at QB this year will be resolved; at least, I pray to god they will be. They created many a stressful situation this year that led to an increased consumption of alcohol at Memorial Stadium that was downright dangerous. Here is next years QB situation as I see it now, I will update as relevant information becomes available.

guys, the line goes a little like this, VOTE NO ON AYOOB 06 or risk being tried in quasi cal bear backer courts. with puppet judges to convict u of being a sellout to your team. furthermore, u will be banished from all ucb property but not the uc system as a whole! you know, i really don’t think we need to get that worked up though, because CHECK THIS OUT...

NATE LONGSHORE - will be a sophomore and will be healthy. if u were one of the lucky many to be in berkeley on that beautiful afternoon, as i was, longshore looked spectacular before being brutally attacked!
elite 11 qb!

KYLE REED - this guy is scary. really, he is scary! i am scared of him. scared in a good way!
elite 11 qb!

KEVIN RILEY - from what i understand this young gentleman has already shown a great aptitude for digesting complex offensive formations, even at the hs level. he chose to come to cal over oregon and many other top schools, which makes me feel so warm and hopeful about the future of cal recruiting. i will be shocked if nike doesn't invite him to take the short trip to beaverton for the elite 11 qb competition later this yr. the biggest question on my mind, will he redshirt? to redshirt, or not to redshirt? that is the question...

joe ayoob - poor guy, just couldn't get it together. my heart really does go out to him because i know what it feels like to fail at something you think is more important than life itself. we have all been there joe, you will get over this. remember too when ur experience at cal is over u will have graduated with a degree from the number 1 public university in the country, for free! not only that, you will have become a stronger person. because anyone who can take some of the more hurtful things that you have gone through this season is going to be a better and stronger man. good luck guy... please, no hard feelings. i did what i thought was right for cal, i am a self righteous jerk off who needs to take a hike, i will...

ok guys, well that about does it, take care......
Just and old thought too late to mean much...

well the email that probably only i looked forward to writing is finally here, the break down of the bear breakdown, in black and white. the bear’s most recent test of the season, the once seemingly easy opp of o. st. became a game of life and death for the bear’s once promising season. the game was painful to watch, many a bear fan no doubt began to question their very existence on this day. personally i haven't felt this bad since the summer of 2000 when i foresaw then too just how bad things would get in berkeley. oddly enough i found myself warning then coach tom holmoe what was about to unfold. he didn't listen to me either. he probably thought, "this idiots a punk kid, reject fan, some loser with nothing better to do than harass everyone surrounding anything about the program. but for me it goes so much deeper than that. for the better part of my life i grew up loving one professional sports franchise after another. i saw then just how terrible ignorance, stupidity and cockiness could make a man. from then on i went back to the simpler way of life, college football. the truly greatest thing america has to offer. when i watched the game against o. st. i wasn't having fun, it truly was painful to watch. this team however is still a threat, they are still contenders and despite all i have said to the contrary i still very much believe in them. the question that should have many of you up at night but doesn't is this, "can cal beat usc on 11/12 @ home?" YES, cal can and will beat usc! you mark my words, just as i foresaw the doom of the bears overall season, i think cal can and again will, beat usc, resoundingly on 11/12. however, in order for cal to be able to do that one very prickly issue must be dealt with. what can be done with or for ayoob to make him better suited to win games for this apparently inept cal offense? the answer to that is more complex than entire bilateral national treaty negotiations or full fledged armistices'. i can however answer it for you and having said that i will. being as cal is chary to remove ayoob they really only have one option (no pun intended). they must become a fully functional option team, similar to past navy and many current hs teams. ayoob had great success @ ccsf w/option. cal's run game will easily be bogged down for the rest of the season now that o. st. has laid out the magna carta of how to stop cal's entire offensive unit. o. st. db's are certainly not the most competitive bunch in the country so cal had no excuse for not advancing by way of aerial assault. the only assault was the one ayoob took, (kind of like a man i guess.) anyway, look, i am slowly loosing my focus so i must finish up here. being as ayoob cannot pass we must at least begin to explore our options of moving to the low intelligence style of stone age football. we MUST make ourselves a pre-callahan Nebraska if we are to WIN in 05! the last time i think i saw neb was when they beat cal 21 to 3 in berkeley. that game rocked in that i thought we held tough! god, is this a wordy email, i gotta go. here's the inside scoop, and you heard it from the man who predicted the big one back in 01 and this years demise. this team has gotta turn into an option team or dump ayoob off on the bench, or put him at flanker or hb as 3rd string. i don't know, i guess after writing this email i realized a very important thing, even i don't know what to do to fix this team, there-are-just-too- many-problems-this-year. i am already looking forward to the opener next yr. v. ten. i think that will be our year; this year guys, i think i was just a little tooooooo optimistic. i just hope coach tedford can make it through without going crazy or really losing confidence in his abilities, permanently, in such a way that he will no longer be able to function effectively as Mon’ Capitan in berkeley. i truly believe he is telling the players what they need to hear. they just aren't executing it the way they should be, due to, hmm, haven’t figured that one out yet, nor do i feel i ever will.

let me think some more and i will email you all again later tonight, all is not lost guys, remember this team can still be competitive!


p.s. how sad, poor aaron was back and had to see the thrashing in person. it must have been just awful when he slowly came to the realization that he too played a large part in this by deciding stupidly to leave us early for gb, serves him right. i am almost as upset with him as i am with ayoob. i give up already!!!

p.s.s. sports editors, please keep heat on for now, it still is not time to turn it off, just yet anyway... prolonged heat of course could kill us!