Sunday, September 24, 2006


Marshawn and company looked, well, breathtaking against ASU. I was one of the negative people who thought this was going to be a tough game. Man, what the hell is going on here? We are kicking everyone’s ass. Like Desmond Bishop said, 8 times out of 10 we come away victorious in Tennessee, and I really believe him now!




Well let me just begin by sending a special thank you to the gentleman in charge of the Cal Football News Blog. He was kind enough to give, and I mean give, me his tickets v ASU because of the whole fam thing interfering.

They were looking for me all right! Fastest man alive to never get a ticket!

Now, having said that, the drive down to Berkeley from Sacramento was for the most part pleasant, but there were a few moments that were a pain in the ass, like when the CHP would cruise by and traffic would then slow to a crawl. Other than that, it was great! Oh, yeah, spend some serious cash on I-80, needs major improvement!

The game itself, well, that was another matter. Since I was given these GA tickets, I pretty much roamed from section to section until I found an appropriate area to observe the events of the field. I found a section in the Blue Zone so empty that I was able to stretch out, it was great.

While all Cal fans are great and I love them very much, I am a personal space guy. Thankfully, I found a spot where I could stretch and just feel great about what I was seeing. I almost wanted to cry! Unlike this spot!

Nate the Bear was great for his third consecutive week. Is it not nice to not worry about who will head the helm at QB in Berkeley? Things are so much happier in life these days!

The offense pretty much clicked on all cylinders today. Nate played extremely well for the thirdweek in a row. Marshawn appears to have shaken off all ill effects from the ankle sprain he suffered against Tennessee. All wide receivers made spectacular plays. There were however, on at least two occasions, instances in which a tide end dropped a pass. Out of respect for the team, I will not name names, but you know who you are. Practice harder or go play for Stanfurd, it is really that simple.

Yeah, run Sam out of town, this is what you get. I would call you a different name but I am trying to go mainstream!

The defense, man, the defense! Great job guys! I keyed in with the binocs on Syd but he performed rather well as well! Ha, what a concept. The hitting was intense as every Bear defender put a hat on somebody out there. The wonderful interceptions were like early Christmas presents topped of with a great stocking gift, the TD’s!
Damien, or Dante, as they say he likes to be called, played great. If we are to go anywhere we will need him more than every against Oregon.

Special Teams, they were spectacular. This Andrew Larson kid is definite NFL pedigree. How lucky we were to snag him, he is arguably better than David Lonnie. He seems to have a special penchant for getting the ball right were it needs to be, even with a fast rush closing in. Desean, well, you are the man. I have to admit that when that guy cheap shotted you, I was furious. However, being as I had driven from Sacramento I had no intention of spending the night in the Alameda County Jail, so I let it alone, for now. I really believe that deserves review and a definite two game minimum suspension. Deseasn could have been paralyzed with a hit like that!
Look at the murder in this foos eyes. They tried to kill Desean. I am disgusted by the lack of retribution. I plan to personally petition the Pac 10 commissioner to see some fucking sanctions imposed!

Well I know I have stated in the past that come this game we would finally be able to better evaluate the level of play. However, after watching the game it looked no different than Minnesota or Portland State. The only difference being in the number of blue chippers and the fact it was Pac 10 play against a top 25 team. The results were the same, CALIFORNIA kicked their collective asses, and did so impressively. Relax coach, but only for tonight. We have much to accomplish and you are our Captain.

The only concern I have going into the Oregon game is this; can this all be too good to be true? I mean think about it guys, we really committed butchery today out there. We chopped their heads off!

We will make USC pay, once and for all. Look at the crap they make. It shows one thing though, fear. USC really does fear us, and I would think, they should!

At face value we appear to be a true USC contender, alas! If we beat Oregon, I have a friend who lives in LA. He has a decent but modest apartment. I figure we can smash about 15 to 20 people in there somewhere or another. So, if you are poor and want to go to the game, start making plans with me after the Oregon game!



Estelle said...

I don't normally follow Cal football but I think that I'll come back to this sight to help me keep track of what's happening. I'm a third year Electrical Engineering major and need to follow what's happening with my team. Thanks for you perspective and I look forward to future posts.

Seth said...

well thank you for stopping by. it is nice to know that i have a few readers. i was beginning to wonder if perhaps only i read my blog, which, i might ad, isn't a bad read if i may be so bold...

Seth said...

estelle, have u ever been to a game at memorial stadium? as a student i would be sad to learn that u had not, especially as a junior!~

Greg said...

Seth what do you think of Forsett so far? his numbers dont live up to what he did last year. maybe this will be his breakout game. osu seemed to have a hard time with boise state's rb.

Seth said...

well greg, i think a lot of the less that stellar production from forsett has been as a result of the sudden emergence of the passing game in berkeley. is u have noticed even marshawns production is down. all of the recievers are posting better numbers than last year. like desean said after the last game. this is the type of offense where anyone can be the star one day and the ghost the next. forsett may yet have a great game...