Thursday, November 24, 2005



Hello my friends, today is Thanksgiving. It is so sad that we never have a serious college football game on this day, why not? What if the Big Game where on Thanksgiving, wouldn’t that be great? I mean that would be a chance to really take time off and watch a real game that made all of us happy. Levy's rise to prominence has been a rocky one and I am just so glad that he is finally getting a shot to show what he has. Even if Ayoob is better physically, the edge goes to the mental aspect which Levy commands.

JOE AYOOB – Happy Thanksgiving, I wish that things has gone differently this season, I hope though that you don’t somehow hold me accountable for your bad performances. Surely someone of your mental caliber knows that a little idiot like me spouting off at the mouth is not the culprit here. It was your inability to overcome the mental deficiencies that plague you. In the off season you may find a way to not think about the little things and just do them, like plant your feet for one.

Ok, must now take customary post meal-nap. I will write more later, in perhaps say two hours…

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