Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The REALISTIC Future of the Golden Bear in CALIFORNIA

Well, while this season may have been a bit disappointing overall we can draw a lot from this for future reference. Perhaps if Coach Tedford had listened earlier on in the season our record would read differently, unfortunately he did not.

Whatever the future might hold one thing is more clear now than ever before, the Bears are in need of a long term solution at QB. The instability and the vacuum in competency and skill level that was created when Nate Longshore went down with the ankle injury has been glaring all season.

I am sure that next season many of the difficulties that we faced at QB this year will be resolved; at least, I pray to god they will be. They created many a stressful situation this year that led to an increased consumption of alcohol at Memorial Stadium that was downright dangerous. Here is next years QB situation as I see it now, I will update as relevant information becomes available.

guys, the line goes a little like this, VOTE NO ON AYOOB 06 or risk being tried in quasi cal bear backer courts. with puppet judges to convict u of being a sellout to your team. furthermore, u will be banished from all ucb property but not the uc system as a whole! you know, i really don’t think we need to get that worked up though, because CHECK THIS OUT...

NATE LONGSHORE - will be a sophomore and will be healthy. if u were one of the lucky many to be in berkeley on that beautiful afternoon, as i was, longshore looked spectacular before being brutally attacked!
elite 11 qb!

KYLE REED - this guy is scary. really, he is scary! i am scared of him. scared in a good way!
elite 11 qb!

KEVIN RILEY - from what i understand this young gentleman has already shown a great aptitude for digesting complex offensive formations, even at the hs level. he chose to come to cal over oregon and many other top schools, which makes me feel so warm and hopeful about the future of cal recruiting. i will be shocked if nike doesn't invite him to take the short trip to beaverton for the elite 11 qb competition later this yr. the biggest question on my mind, will he redshirt? to redshirt, or not to redshirt? that is the question...

joe ayoob - poor guy, just couldn't get it together. my heart really does go out to him because i know what it feels like to fail at something you think is more important than life itself. we have all been there joe, you will get over this. remember too when ur experience at cal is over u will have graduated with a degree from the number 1 public university in the country, for free! not only that, you will have become a stronger person. because anyone who can take some of the more hurtful things that you have gone through this season is going to be a better and stronger man. good luck guy... please, no hard feelings. i did what i thought was right for cal, i am a self righteous jerk off who needs to take a hike, i will...

ok guys, well that about does it, take care......

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