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What began as an attempt to gain national notoriety and fame, has now digressed into pure greed. Running Wolf, or (Zach Brown as his legal name states,) announced today that he will sue the University for violating his civil rights. I await with great anticipation the fame seeker who will represent him pro bono. Said Running Wolf, “I’m totally going to fight this! I’m not backing down from the tree protest. It is a burial ground of my people.”

Yes, it is a burial ground for your people, and what evidence have you to corroborate such outlandish comments? NONE! Anyone interested in seeing a real Native burial ground can go to Midpines, CA, where most of my family is buried.

Further more Running Wolf, you fake, where is your Native ID Card? Real Natives get these from the Federal Government, but I have yet to see Zach Browns! In some cases Natives are unable to get these, because their tribes are not federally recognized, but they still have what is called an Indian ID number.

Running Wolf has shown us none of these. Yet he claims to be a Native leader of some 85,000 Natives. I intend to contact the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) office in Sacramento to see who this guy really is! I will expose you RUNNING WOLF!

With the judicial system as crazy as it has become in California, it would not surprise me in the least to see a large unwarranted settlement thrown his way. The money that he is to be rewarded with for breaking the law, will come from yours truly. Not just me though, you to! Instead of our hard earned tax dollars going to the students, it will go to Running Wolf. This will certainly be good for Running Wolf, as he is completely broke.

Just to close, I am not saying Running Wolf is not Native. He may be, who knows at this point? He certainly doesn't represent me or any of my tribe though. I am sure many feel he is furthur tarnishing the image of Native Americans, I know I do.

Don't you just love Berkeley?

Stay tuned for the latest on this breaking story.

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Terry said...

" made dozens of squirrels homeless, contributed to global warming via the sweat of middle linebackers; "

i understand you do not understand why we are worried about global warming. but within your lifetimes, noone will be cutting down any healthy native trees. UC will be planting thousands of trees, not 150. Football will not seem so important.

in the future, you will deny having written ignorant things about global warming.