Monday, February 05, 2007

The Stadium Debate
in a Nutshell

Here we see beautiful California Memorial Stadium, which with any luck from the City and rich land interests, will crumble during the next major quake. How insulting that the City claims their main concern is safety! If that were truly the case the athletic center would already have been allowed to be built.

You see the longer the players are forced to train at Memorial instead of the Athletic High Performance Center, the greater risk the quake will hit while they are training, killing them ALL. This could potentially be the hub of collegiate athletics in California, as it should be. Instead rich people want to keep their property values high while we all suffer.

We must also bear in mind that this stadium was constructed in 1921. None of the current houses or residents in question predate the stadium. They constructed their houses of their own free will, well after Memorial stadium had been there. I suppose being as arrogant as they are, they figured they would eventually succeed in evicting the stadium. I am here to tell them that they will have to KILL me before I ever allow that to happen. And I have been seeing some strange Volvo's around the house so who knows...

A Study in Imagery


If you look closely here you will see the twenty to thirty rich land owners who are at the root of the opposition to build the athletic center and upgrade memorial. Some speculate that they are hindering the upgrade so that when the next quake does hit, they will be able to lay claim to the ruins of Memorial. Other reasons and perhaps the more accepted views, are that they are protectors of property values. Julia Butterfly Hill, who organized the hippie protest, is said to own one of the houses in this image. She is also a supposed member of this neighborhood attack force.

One other thing that I think is of the utmost importance in this case is the following; These land owners are no better than people who move next to an elementary school and complain of recess bells, screaming kids and the noise and traffic from parents picking up their children. If this is not one of the most selfish acts imaginable, I would be hard pressed to find a more egregious example.



Wow, as anyone with even half a brain can see, this is no old growth forest. These are trees that were planted by the UC when the stadium was first constructed as simple landscaping. If this qualifies as an old growth grove, why is the huge forest in the Santa Cruz mountains about to be felled with absolutely no opposition? Are you guys starting to get the picture? Do you understand just a little bit better why the claims of the hippies that these trees are "irreplaceable" is preposterous? I sure hope so.

More satellite image

analysis to come...

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