Saturday, January 27, 2007

It is sad that in this day and age the voices of a few bent on domination over the majority can reign supreme. In the city of Berkeley at this time the University of California fights for the right to exist. Those who oppose this right to existence are the City and people of Berkeley.

The City of Berkeley has become infested with nefarious sects bent on needless protests of anything they view outside their interests. For example, in the present future the City has successfully aligned environmental radicals against the University of California. The City has long held a position of domination over the massive campus, a campus that is the flagship of higher education in the state of California.
The very sovereignty of this great State of California has been challenged at its most basic cores. Why is it that a city of only 80,000 at the most can hold dominance over a University that benefits the world? The truth to that is the fact that the press holds these fellows to be the guardians of all things correct. Stop this domination now, let your voice be heard.

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