Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Humbling Of a Program – Rebuilding Starts Today

Probably some of the less looked at results of yesterdays game deserve attention. Mainly, how does the team feel after such a loss. Well, if it is anything like it was in High School when we got our asses kicked, I am sure it was terrible. The plane ride back no doubt was filled with silence, each player replaying the game in their head.
Though there is probably no one I feel for more than Coach Tedford.
He is the man that has to go back to campus and face all the media and taunting questions from people. He is the one that has to deal with all of this nonsense. “Coach is it true your team was totally overrated and over hyped?” “Coach, should you have done more to prepare your football team?” “Coach, who will start at quarterback for the Bears against Minnesota?” “Coach, did you really put your team in a position to be successful?”

No doubt he will face all of these questions and more. I am not saying that these questions are unreasonable. No, I feel anyone in Tedfords position needs to be subject to heavy scrutiny by the press, but still, you have to feel for him.
I mean he went the whole off-season trying to rebuild what I feel was clearly broke last year. Anyone who tries to say that is was a mistake to tinker with the offense is not ready to accept reality. He took the radical steps of bringing in a new offensive coordinator and rebuilding the entire play book. He did countless interviews were doting reporters told him how great his program was. Now he has to wake up today, with that bad feeling, that terrible feeling.

That feeling is defeat, not just any defeat, it was a massacre.
Had it not been for the fact that I may or may not have been drinking, etc. allot, I am not sure how I would have reacted at the time of the event. As it was, I remained pretty calm and was sadly reserved to the fact that after half time, Cal had no hopes of winning.
It just hurt damn you, it really, really, hurt! Cal took a monumental “shellacking” as Howard Hughes said in that great movie, The Aviator. The problem is, while Cal took a pure physical beating, there is no way to measure how bad the mental beating was and what the lingering affects will be.

Either this Tennessee team is really good, or Cal could be in real trouble. Stay tuned, I am running a poll in the Contra Costa Times that seeks some answers in this mess. Please do your part and vote. We will get through this, we cannot begin to panic and question our existence. Plenty of great teams have been handed their asses in the first game of the season, only to continue on and achieve greatness!

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