Saturday, September 09, 2006


Ok, we won. We won convincingly. That was a great game, it made me very happy. I have more to say than many could possible begin to comprehend. In the meantime though, I am going to breath a sigh of relief and happiness.



Anonymous said...

Seth -- enjoy your comments on the contracostatimes forum, sportingnews forum, etc. I have a suggestion on how you can devote your energies between now and next year's Tennessee game. Next year we are rematching against Tennessee in Berkeley. It is our turf, but I hear from a friend of mine from the SEC that Tennessee fans travel in droves and are likely to fill up the opposing team's home stadium with orange. There are so many of them that they have a tendency to basically take over the other team's HOME stadium and turn it into Neyland mini. We have to make sure this does NOT happen, even if it means giving away tickets for free to people who will show up in blue & gold, or launching a campaign to convince people with season tix NOT to sell to Tennessee fans. Tenn should get their 5,000 ticket alotment in the top of the end zone and that is IT. Perhaps you can help spread the word.... Our pride for next year depends on it! Remember Fulmer's comment after the game about "not really being surprised" at the outcome? If we are going to make him eat those words, we cannot let the Vols take over OUR stadium next year!

Seth said...

Wow, this is a cause that is definitely worthy of my full attention. Tennessee will not turn Memorial into a mini Neyland, not while I am still breathing! I had suspected something like this might occur, so your brining it to my attention erases all doubt, thank you. By the way, Tennessee only beat Air Force by one point. Cal played great yesterday. I think last week they were just out of sync for various reasons but we seem to have it under control. GO BEARS